Creative impulses


I like to think of myself as a creative person. I am a creative person. And there are many ways I like to express myself creatively. Mainly, I like to make things. This blog, for instance. I am spending (or wasting, depending on how you look at it) an enormous amount of time and energy getting it off the ground. I’d like for people to read it and comment, but I think in the end, it’s more of a way for me to create something of my own. The time I spend on this endeavor is pretty much my modus operandi. I dive right into things and if I don’t have the kind of success that I want in the time frame that I want, then there goes that hobby.

I recently acquired a new couch and have been redecorating, incorporating more color into our home. I was thinking of hanging a watercolor print from Ikea above the couch. The print has a blue bowl of golden (orange) plums. Taking the soft colors as my accents, I set about finding the perfect throw pillows for the couch. Unfortunately, those colors in and of themselves are pretty hard to find, so finding them together was not gonna happen. I decided to take Anne’s suggestion and make the pillows myself. But how was I going to do that? I have rudimentary hand sewing skills and don’t know how to operate a sewing machine, much less own one. Undeterred, I visited several craft and fabric stores for some inspiration and found the perfect fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. That very night I cut out my fabric and the next morning I went to Target and bought the Shark for a measly $30. I had no idea if this was going to turn out okay, but I was certainly going to try. I spent an hour and a half learning (trolling the Internet because the documentation was so bad) how to thread the damn thing and started sewing. I even put zippers on these pillows. I don’t know how I did it the first time (actually, I do, I didn’t bother reading or following the directions), because the second time around it was a disaster and I had to hand stitch the zipper in. Anyways, I am quite pleased with the way they came out. The idea of buying a real sewing machine, one that could take a zipper foot, is rolling around my head, but I don’t think the amount of sewing I am going to do in the future warrants such a purchase. I’ll probably be making more pillows, though :).

Homemade pillows

My pillows. They’re sitting on my bed pillow, not on the couch I made them for.